Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Short Echoes Writing Contest: Arachnopocalypse

Are you tired of the same zombie apocalypse over and over again? Want to make a fresh one? Do you want to have a story recorded for the whole world to hear, and make ten bucks doing so? Well then hit us up with an original piece of fiction on what we have dubbed the Arachnopocalypse.

What we are looking for:

1,000 word or less story on the Arachnopocalypse, or an end to the world by spider. They could be tiny, massive, and anywhere between. You can choose to have swarms or single spiders. Just make sure that the end comes from these eight legged freaks.

Over at Al's blog, he posted a longer summary on what we are looking for.

We will ask for one time audio rights, and will record your story. It will be featured in the episode and as a singular download through iTunes, as well as featured on YouTube.

The winner will receive $10 dollars through paypal, or other means if necessary.

You have until February 9th to get your submission in. We will provide a quick critique of every story submitted, regardless of acceptance. Send all submissions to HEPodcast@gmail.com.

The format should be easily readable, and can be a .doc attachment or in the body of the email. Please offer a short author bio.

Good luck!