Friday, August 30, 2013

HEP - 51 - Three Words: Wait for It

This week, Al and Tony do battle with found-footage zombie diesel-punk cyborg war film Frankenstein's Army. Then, Tony holds up his boombox and it is awesome.


Friday, August 23, 2013

The Eaters of Earth

geophagy  [jee-of-uh-jee]:
the practice of eating earthy matter, especially clay or chalk.

Some people eat dirt. Yes, really. It is weird, it is widespread, and it is not well-understood. Which for our money makes it perfect fodder for this month's flash fiction contest. We're looking for a story of no more than 1,000 words that explores this strange custom. The story does not necessarily need to focus on real examples of geophagy, though it is worth remembering that the best lies stories contain some kernel of truth.

The deadline for entry is October 4th of 2013. Send entries to and include "Eaters of Earth" in the subject line. Word documents are very much preferred.

The winner of the contest will receive ten dollars and the story will produced in audio form and published on the Human Echoes Podcast. Good luck, and happy writing! 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

HEP - 50 - Brown Water, Blue Balls

This week, the guys follow the river on down Arkansas way and see if this Mud movie is all its cracked up to be. They discuss the importance of a complete breakfast; Albert thinks about moving to Colorado.


[Albert lost his link notes this week, because he is a moron and sometimes doesn't save them as soon as the podcast is done recording. No, he doesn't use a program that autosaves. He uses Notepad. I know right? Anyway, there's probably nothing in there you can't find with Google anyway. Sorry for the inconvenience.]

Thursday, August 15, 2013

HEP - 49 - This Podcast is Waterproof

In this week's episode, Al and Tony go fishing with Bait, a surprisingly good movie about a shark loose in a supermarket (yes, you did just read that correctly.) They also dig into tales of the great men of history and the great women who made their conquests possible; Tony catches Albert doing his sexy lady voice.


Links to Things:
Clarkesworld Podcast (with Kate Baker!)
The Story of Oriental Philosophy
Hernando Cortez
In Brightest Africa: the autobiography of Carl Ethan Akely (this file contains some tpyos and formatting issues due to being a scanned work, but it's still totally worth your trouble.)
For Delia (Carl's first wife) Akeley's perspective you might also enjoy a book she wrote about her exploits in Africa called Jungle Portraits.
Beyond Dinocalypse by Chuck Wendig

(Correction: Albert was wrong about Cortez dying on some conquest or other. He died in Spain of pleurisy. Albert's version of it is better though.)

Friday, August 9, 2013

HEP - 48 - The Ozymandias Connection

In this episode Al and Tony geek out about the first English-language film from Korean director Chan-wook Park, Stoker. Later they talk about the wonder of old graveyards, and get hyped up for the final season of Breaking Bad.


Ozymandias Breaking Bad trailer
500 Days of Summer
Oldboy remake
I Saw the Devil
Old Bald Mountain Cemetery
Jiro Dreams of Sushi
Letters for Zachary Dear Zachary
Failed author AMA

Thursday, August 1, 2013

HEP - 47 - Frankenstein's Apocalypse

This week its a gore-fest as the guys discuss the Evil Dead remake, chainsaw deaths, and the proper handling of ancient books of forbidden knowledge. Tony checks out the SCP Foundation; Albert screams a lot; dinosaurs continue to be awesome.


SCP Foundation
I Am a Toaster
Hard Core History
Frankenstein's Army
I, Frankenstein
T-Rex found with soft tissue
The Spellman Files: The Last Word
WWI who stopped sleeping after being shot in the head.

Retraction: Albert got his facts wrong when talking about Eragon in this episode. It was Carl Hiassen who "discovered" Christopher Paolini, not Orson Scott Card.