Thursday, February 21, 2013

HEP - 24 - It's Dicks All the Way Down

This week the guys round out Mockbuster Month with the stunning Civil War documentary, Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies. Then Tony mentions a spider whose bite induces a boner that can kill you and for the rest of the episode...let's just say if you mapped out the wave-form we're pretty sure it'd penis-shaped.

Download the phallic goodness directly.

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Brazillian wandering spider (aka the Death by Boner spider)
Ruby Gloom (that kids' show that Albert is definitely, 100%, not into. He swears. *cough*)

Original painting of pro-wrestler Abra- "The Hammer" Lincoln aka The Emancipator by Jeromy Taylor. Check out  Jeromy's hilarious Youtube video chronicling Lincoln's wrestling career here. (Used by permission)