Thursday, November 28, 2013

HEP - 64 - Interview With Eric Luke

Eric Luke, author of Interference, joins Albert and Tony to talk about writing, careers, cool movies, old radio, and much more. Afterwords, Tony and Al get into Queequeg's coffin and talk about The Florida Man.

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Eric Luke's Homepage
Eric Luke's Twitter
MetaFour Productions
Dinosaur vs. the Potty
The Florida Man
Albert Berg: Slenderman
Kickstarter for Noble Beast Classics
César Sebastián

The Pequod by César Sebastián

Friday, November 8, 2013

HEP - 61 - Everyone is a Hipster in the Future

This week, the guys review and discuss the incredible podcast audio book by Eric Luke, Interference. Then Albert gets amped up on caffeine and Tony talks about boring meetings.

Denver Zombie Crawl
The Walking DeadRope on YouTube
Interference by Eric Luke
X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Ender's Game
E-cigarette safety studies: No link here, because after some searching it appears that there are a number of conflicting studies about the safety of e-cigarettes. One oft-cited test found that e-cigarettes contained some amounts of carcinogens and other dangerous substances including a "chemical found in antifreeze". It should be noted that the main "chemical found in antifreeze" is alcohol which is a poison in the right formulation and dosage. As we mentioned in the show itself caffeine and nicotine are also technically-poisonous substances that many people partake of every day without apparent injury.
We're not qualified to make a judgement call on whether e-cigs are "safe" but we would caution against reading too much into statements which essentially boil down to "This product contains chemicals." (I'm glaring at you anti-vaccine activists).

Friday, November 1, 2013

HEP - 60 - Don't Go Stakin' My Heart

This week Al and Tony trek through the vampire-ravaged world of Stakeland. Tony talked about stuff. Albert said something stupid. As he was writing this blog post Albert clumsily tried to cover up the fact that he had forgotten most of what was actually said when the podcast was recorded, but that failed, so he turned it into one of those pretentious self-referential jokes instead. Shenanigans.

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