Friday, September 14, 2012

Human Echoes Podcast - 1 - It Starts With Donkeys

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This podcast is here because text could no longer contain the thoughts of two young writers named Tony and Albert. You, and the rest of the world may not even know it yet, but you have been deprived of the dulcet tones of these handsome and charming examples of evolutionary perfection.

Listen, as we talk about donkeys in the most profane ways. Stand in awe as we make light of domestic abuse, Breaking Bad, and the smell of basset hounds. Commute with the knowledge that we are with you in your car, explaining how to fix the ills of the world.

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For a free download of this weeks book, When Graveyards Yawn, by G. Wells Taylor, click here.

Keep up with us next week as we review and talk about the movie Lunapolis.